Pentimento Exhibition at Paul Smith No. 9 Albemarle Street / by Kane Hulse

Paul Smith’s London flagship shop hosts a unique new photo study by Kane Hulse , which charts the changing face of Venice’s historical architecture.

Pentimento, the latest project by Kane Hulse, is a series of alluringly painting-like photographs that depict the beauty found in the visceral colour of Venice’s historical walls.

Deriving from the word ‘Pentirsi’, meaning to repent or change your mind, Pentimento is an insight into the seasoned life of these Venetian artefacts, constantly altered and painted over by their owners to form unintentionally graphic compositions. Eroded by nature and sometimes altered by vandalism, each surface tells its own unique story, with pastel paint basking in Veneto light and peeling off in varying degrees.

Unrefined textures and the raw emotion of colour are conveyed through these sun washed images, which have been shot on medium format film. Each print in the series is developed by hand, created as a limited edition of one to mimic the unique nature of the subject it depicts.

Pentimento will be on display at Paul Smith, No 9. Albemarle Street