'The Amalfi Coast' Photo Essay - PORT Magazine / by Kane Hulse

n this exclusive photo essay, Kane Hulse captures the vibrant ingredients that feed the people of Amalfi and gives the region its colour

Situated on the southern coast of Italy, stretching from Sorrento to Salerno, sits a daringly beautiful line of crooked shoreline. Blessed with fertile land and wisely cultured inhabitants, the Amalfi Coast produces ingredients magnificent enough to rival any region in the world. From organic lemons grown in groves that pepper the cliffs to anchovies caught before sunrise and sold by midday by burly tenor-like market traders, the ingredients that rise from the Amalfi coast are to be treasured for their flavour. Not just content to fill a belly, food plays an important role in the everyday life of this region as markets orchestrated from the back of Piaggio vans act like a theatre for the locals to socialise.